History of villa

Dear client!
A warm welcome is offered to our villa.
Villa Reverans is situated among  old pines on the banks of lake Pile in a park. It is the best part of Borne Sulinowo. Here, in this place, forest and park have lost the borders and sense of time like in a fairy tale. Existence of time is only remembered by the delicate sounds of the church bell echo through the forest, struck by the nuns from the nearby content “ Karmel Maryi “.

Villa Reverans is over 70 years old and was always used as temporary accommodation for occupying military personal :

• From 1936 to 1945 – for officer families from Wermacht.
• From 1946 to 1992 – for officer families and for non commissioner officers from Russian Army.
• From 1992 to 2000 – “House for sale” which was a devastated ruin at the end.
• From 2000 – private property of present owners who has renovated and refurbished to its present condition.

The whole interior of our villa was designed and built to an exceptionable high standard . Before modernization the building was almost completely destroyed . For the memory of our villa there remains some old photographs and a few elements of its original architecture:
• Original German tiles on the entrance floor and staircase. All have which has been restored to their former beauty.
• All wooden banisters restored , from which you can feel and sense the atmosphere of past history.
• Original solid beams make up the roof and attic supports.
• The exterior of the building has remained the same as it always was apart from a small street leading to the entrance .
• It has the same colours of all its previous years.
• Windows and moulds are made in the old style.
• The roof has original German tiles.

Inside these building has had thoroughly renovation.
Interior after renovation – see photographs.

Chance for the second life do not have the every house .We have given these chance for our villa and now villa Reverans has valuable life not only summer…


First of all the word means “respect”.
In our case it is our respect to our gests.


We are happy that Borne Sulinowo appeared on the map
of Poland and became a civilian town, a symbol of peace and victory over military occupation . Our house which was built for the war and occupying military forces has now became , after much renovations , a comfortable villa , which the owners warmly invite guests to relax and sightsee in beautiful surroundings.